Learn Piano Tuning and Repair

Do you want to shift careers or take up a new trade? Do you like to work with your hands, do you love music, travel, be your own boss, meet new people, and much more? If so, then piano technology is for you. Determination and patience are all you need to succeed in our program. The Minnesota School of Piano Technology (MSPT) teaches both men and women of all ages the skill of piano tuning and repair.

Fiddling With Piano Pieces

Student Testimonials

The course was very informative.”

“The instructor definitely knows his stuff. He did a good job by consistently keeping the lectures and discussions a two-way street.”

“This class is great. I liked the hands-on instruction at the workshop.”

“The course met my expectations.”

“I was very happy with the class. The teacher is wonderful, and I will miss coming to the class each week. Overall, the class is very well-structured.”

“I think the class was well laid out and informative. This class has opened my eyes on a whole new type of career that I can enjoy. The instructor did a good job at explaining and sharing examples.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I feel that I have learned just about everything to get started. As a whole, I thought the class was very well taught and appreciated the instructor’s responsiveness to questions and his friendly attitude.”

“A very worthwhile course. I especially appreciated the Dampp-Chaser installation instructions.”